Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse

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Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse

by Annie Reed, Audrey McLennan, CJ Erick, Carol Gyzander, Caryn Larrinaga, Hannah Hulbert, Hannah Trusty, J. Ivanel Johnson, Joanna Z. Weston, Joe Borrelli, Joy Kennedy-O'Neill, Karli Sullivan, Kathryn Carson, L.C.W. Allingham, Leigh Saunders, Lyn Worthen...
Published Oct 28, 2023

About this Book

It's time to turn the "man and his dog wandering through a dystopian world” trope on its head, and tell the stories about cats and their women - their badass women!

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse wanders through broken worlds with stories of survival, technology, magic, and sheer determination. But – like their cats – the authors frequently slipped out the upstairs window or knocked things off of countertops, and their stories are stronger for it.

In these pages, cats help their women find a better life, protect and defend and fight for the women who have sheltered and protected them – and vice-versa. Because these are not only stories about surviving troubled times, but of the relationships between the women and their cats, between the members of communities both small and large, and how they thrive, even in the face of catastrophic loss.

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse – it’s time to take them seriously!

Published by Camden Park Press
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