Some Bunnies Bite!


by S L Davies
Published Dec 9, 2022

About this Book

Mitchell Rabbit grew up being blamed for his little brothers death. The law knew he didn't do it, everyone that read about the case knew he didn't do it. His father was sent to jail because he did it. But that didn't stop his mum and those around him looking at Mitchell like he was some kind of demon.

It didn't stop Nate, Danny, Caleb and Chaz making his life a misery. When Mitchell's bullies follow him to College, he makes the decision that it is time to end them. It is time to take his revenge. Everyone treated Mitchell like he was a killer, now he will kill.

This is not a romance. It contains a lot of triggering subjects, such as rape, murder and torture. There are M/M scenes and graphic sex scenes with blood. Not suitable to persons under 18 or with weak stomachs. 
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