Because of Louisa

A Cathryn Harcourt Mystery Short

A deadly game. An unwitting target.
Because of Louisa

Because of Louisa

by Joslyn Chase
Published May 8, 2024

About this Book

In this suspenseful mystery, Cathryn Harcourt, a renowned novelist, is drawn into a perilous game of deception when her new neighbor sparks her sleuthing instincts.

Convinced he's scheming to murder his wife, Cathryn unravels a disturbing pattern of death in his past, placing her at the mercy of a relentless killer.

Will she outsmart the determined murderer and emerge unscathed from the web of danger closing in around her?

A little bit of Hitchcock with a dash of Murder She Wrote will delight fans of mystery and suspense. And it's all Because of Louisa!
Published by Paraquel Press
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