A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #2

A Cut Beyond Collection

For all your head needs
A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #2

A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #2

by Rob Vagle

About this Book

Imagine, if you will, a barbershop that appears and disappears, changing its name and facade, including the barber working inside, blending in with the setting’s time and place. This barbershop is different to each person who sees it and sets foot inside. A place of trick mirrors and altered reality. A place for all your head needs. For each person who sets foot in A Cut Beyond, that person’s world is changed.

A Cut Beyond Barbershop Quartet, the second collection, includes stories about the downtrodden and a parting gift, a key to knowledge one may not want to know, a flickering flame held up to a death wish, and a reporter gets a meeting at the heart of a mystery.

The Solo gives you a story by Rob Vagle outside of his A Cut Beyond Barbershop series. Here, “Sky In The Ground,” a fantasy story about young love and the power of secrets.

Five stories in this collection brings you more mystery and more of the fantastic.

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