Anthology of the Damned

Scary Tales to Keep You Awake
Anthology of the Damned

Anthology of the Damned

by Cherie Mitchell, Christine Rains, Christopher D. Schmitz, Emerson Fortier, Harold Torres , Hope Bolinger, Megan Mackie, Patricia Morais, Sarina Dorie, Scott Burtness, and Sherry Thornburg
Published Oct 11, 2022

About this Book

Twelve Terrifying Tales to Keep You Awake at Night!

Featuring classic tales from horror masters such as H.P Lovecraft and Robert Chambers and also newer horror authors, this anthology collection is sure to make you lose sleep. It also features artwork by horror artist Harold Torres.

Ghosts, hauntings, alien fish, demon possessions, and mutant creatures. And those are just the authors! This set of spooky tales is a perfect read for Halloween, Dark and Stormy Nights, or Sunday Morning Church.

Each author in this collection has a wealth of additional stories, so this is just the beginning. Pick it up now… if you dare.
Published by TreeShaker Books
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