A revenge story about a neverending contract


by Allisha McAdoo
Published Jun 22, 2022

About this Book

*Warning* This story contains graphic materials that some may not find suitable. It is an extreme horror story with some supernatural elements to it. Read at your own risk!Abby has a dark deadly secret She made a deal with the infamous Mr. Rumple to take revenge over her broken past, fooling everyone. Her last revenge is on a pedophile named Jason who played a big part in hurting her. Abby decides that Jason is the end of her contract, but quickly finds out there is no end. Her dear husband decides to make a deal of his own and suddenly Abby is thrown into a world of darkness and hell. As she races to keep punishing those who deserve it, she tries to find a way to free herself. Everything comes with a price, but sometimes the price is too high. Will darkness consume Abby or will the price of freedom be too high
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