A Measure of Midnight

Heavy Metal Magic Book 2.5

You’ll tell me the truth in this trial of blood.
A Measure of Midnight

A Measure of Midnight

by Amir Lane and N.J. Ember
Published Sep 17, 2021

About this Book

You’ll tell me the truth in this trial of blood. 

After suffering a horrific loss, Midnight Fury is looking to settle the score, and she’s determined to do it alone. A vendetta against vampires doesn’t mix with music or touring, but Midnight’s never been afraid of a challenge. The Furies are fragmented and Midnight’s bond with Lottie is tenuous at best. Erebus is her clean slate, the perfect distraction from the broken pieces she’s left behind. 

But Midnight isn’t the only one with a secret. Danger is closing in. The past is threatening to catch up to them. When a member of her new band is targeted by a vampire, Midnight has no choice but to confront everything she’s been running from.

It’s time to go on the offensive.

Will Midnight measure up to her own expectations? Or will she lose part of herself to vengeance?

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