A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #1

A Cut Beyond Collection

For all your head needs
A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #1

A Barbershop Quartet Plus A Solo #1

by Rob Vagle

About this Book

For All Your Head Needs Inside And Out.

A Cut Beyond Barbershop always open for business. Everywhere, anytime. Turn your head after visiting and it blinks out of existence.

A barbershop full of multitudes.

Wherever the shop appears, the barbershop changes. A different name and a different barber—different gender, different nationality, different race.

A Cut Beyond Barbershop Quartet includes stories about a woman looking for help facing her fear of death, a young man offered a chance to change a fateful choice in his recent past, and a traveling man realizes he may not be entirely human.

The Solo gives you a story by Rob Vagle outside of his A Cut Beyond Barbershop series. Here, “Dispatch From The Other Side,” a story about ancient and mysterious technology, about immigration and separation.

Five stories in this collection brings you mystery and the fantastic.

Published by Dog Copilot Press
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